How to Speak Spanish Words – Bet you don’t know these 3 Spanish expressions!

by Patrick Jackson – LearningSpanishLikeCrazy

I am still in central Florida assisting a “tía” (aunt) move into an “hogar de ancianos” (retirement home). I can’t wait to get back home to Colombia. Extraño Medellín mucho (I miss Medellin a lot).


Today, I called an “amiga” in Colombia to see if I could send her some money to go pay my utilities so that they don’t cut them off before I return. (I have found paying bills online in Latin America to be somewhat complicated compared to paying bills online in the States).

When I called my “amiga” about paying the utilities, I noticed that I used 3 words that I did not learn when I was studying Spanish and still living in the States. But I learned these words after relocating
to Latin America — and I find them to be very useful:

1. Anotar – jot down, write down quickly

Déjeme anotar su dirección y su número de teléfono y yo la contactaré tan pronto como me sea posible. Let me jot down her address and phone number and I will contact her as soon as I can.

2. Giro – bank transfer, Western Union transfer, Money Gram transfer, etc.

Te enviaré el giro mañana.
I will send you the bank transfer tomorrow.

3. Servicios públicos – Utilities (or just “servicios” for short) “Servicios públicos” literally means public services.

Te van a cortar los servicios.
They are going to cut-off your utilities.

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